Maritime Security

Specialist maritime solutions to protect your sea activities

We pride ourselves on our links and relationships with the Maritime and Ex-Special Forces personnel we employ on each Maritime Security project we are deployed to.

Octaga’s experienced and highly knowledgeable personnel enable the provision of excellent port security solutions ranging from Port Security Management in high-risk environments, to International Ship and Port Facility Code (ISPC) accreditation management.

Octaga Maritime Security Solutions incorporate the following:

  • Technical Maritime Security Solutions: Includes Radar, CCTV and Thermal Imagers, Automatic Identification Systems (AIS), Diver Detection Sonars, Side Scan Imaging Sonars, Under Hull Inspection systems, Long Range Acoustic Hailing Devices (LRAD), Sea Fence Waterborne Barrier Systems, Compressed Air Blowers, High Update Rate Radars, Multiple Scan History Averaging and Programmable Clutter Map Masks.
  • Tracking and response: Our satellite-based tracker solution provides a unique maritime tracking, alerting and remote seafarer and supply-chain security management system worldwide. This is a powerful risk mitigation tool used by the shipping industry and international maritime authorities alike.
  • Threat and Risk Assessment: Our Insight Services team have decades of collective experience providing in-depth risk monitoring and analysis regarding threats specific to the maritime environment.
  • Offshore Security: We deploy expert maritime security consultants in support of varying gas and oil rig operations.
  • Transit Security: We supply expert maritime security consultants to supervise voyages through troubled waters.
  • Kidnap & Ransom: We have K&R specialist partners immediately available to provide support in the event of vessel, rig or terminal hijackings.
  • Training: This includes crew kidnap risk mitigation and kidnap incident response training. We also have significant experience training local port guard forces, not least in volatile post-conflict environments.