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OCTAGA security services
Professional, Discreet & Flexible

Octaga delivers a professional, discreet and flexible international service

We provide Residential Security Teams and Individual or Group Close Protection, enabling you to proceed with your business in safety and confidence.

All Octaga Security Officers are recruited based upon background (ex-Forces etc), relevancy, experience and suitability. Adhering to the EU Working Time Directive, we develop a shift system that meets your needs and reduces the potential fatigue of guarding officers.

All officers are trained for both day and night duty and comply regularly with our Continuous Improvement System, keeping them abreast of changes as they arise.

Keyholding & Mobile Patrols

We protect employees, companies & reputations.

Film & TV Security

We appreciate the principles of film production security.

Event Security

Structure, risk assessment and situation analysis.

Security Guarding

The capacity and dedication to protect against compromise.