Access & Perimeter Control

Access & Perimeter Control

OCTAGA security services
State Of The Art Security

A total security solution for either one or multiple sites

Whether as an individual with one site to protect, or as a large organisation with multiple sites, Octaga will initiate best practice in the assessment, implementation and management of your total security solution.

From initial concept through to ongoing support, we will ensure your protection is appropriate to the anticipated level of threat and in line with our professional risk assessment.

A selection of technical security services we use:

  • Access Control
  • Intruder Alarms
  • Single and multiple entry systems
  • Doors, gates, turnstiles, barriers Perimeter control
  • Fences, gates
  • Intruder Detection Systems
  • Lighting
  • CCTV

The installation of all technical security products are of the highest standard and comply at all times with industry legislation. Octaga’s choice of products is not based around any specific manufacturer; they are selected predominantly for their reliability and suitability to requirement.