Integrated Systems

Integrated Systems

OCTAGA security services
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Total remote control of your security system

Using ever-advancing technologies, CCTV images can now be accessed from multi-site locations, enabling total control of your security system remotely.

Through the use of Internet Protocol enabled security devices, systems that were previously independently monitored, can now be integrated.

We will advise clients on the suitability and incorporation of an integrated system with existing systems and equipment and their relevancy to your future security plans.

An Octaga installed Integrated Security System will allow you to:

  • Monitor all information at a central location or remote site, including intruder  and fire alarm systems, access control systems, CCTV and plant/installation alarms
  • Manage sensor activated alarms with CCTV images of a particular zone through an on-screen site map
  • Programming of software to distinguish routine movements from exceptional events which may require human investigation or intervention
  • Collate an audit trail of personnel movement, automated incident logs, customised reports and hard evidence, should criminal proceedings follow any security incident
  • IP CCTV cameras can be installed quickly and efficiently and connected  directly to existing client networks through TCP/IP open architecture